Answer Informatica S.r.L.


Aswer Informatica S.r.L. was born in 1999 as a development of Studio Crotti, business which has been being in the software analysis, planning, development and distribution field for 20 years.

This enables the young firm to make use of professionalism and competence already established during these years.

Aswer Informatica S.r.L. has a really innovative working philosophy, it uses advanced tools and methods which enable it to collaborate both with small and medium firms and also with big contracting companies.

Aswer Informatica S.r.L. promotes a new type of customer relationship. In fact it has a more participative part becoming a partner as well as a consultant of the customer itself.

Aswer Informatica Srl offers for both small and medium firms services as the following:

Aswer Informatica S.r.L. is specialized in consulting, organization and corporate analysis in the following fields:

Also from the technological development point of view Answer is advanced; in fact it uses the most advanced software available on the market for the programs developing as for example the programming with objects and the editing in different operating system and ambient.

But the services offered by Answer Informatica S.r.L. are not only the supply of programs but they include also the following phases.

Quick answers in case of problems and the possibility for the customer to have the consulting and the assistance directly on site are very important characteristics and Answer Informatica S.r.L. can be always present and competitive on the market thanks to its dynamism and the flexibility of its collaborators.

Answer Informatica S.r.L. is certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2008